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Provose Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)

These are Amazon Machine Images that are built for the Provose project. Provose is a new and easy way to configure cloud infrastructure. Provose uses these images internally for launching hosts for ec2_instances, containers, and other configurations.

Building these AMIs

These AMIs are built using Hashicorp Packer, and the source code for the AMIs can be found at .



This is a EBS-backed, GPU-enabled, ECS-enabled Amazon Linux 2-based AMI. The parent AMI is amzn2-ami-ecs-gpu-hvm-2.0.20200218-x86_64-ebs. It comes installed with Python 3 pip, Docker, Docker Compose, and the AWS CLI.

AWS AMI ID: ami-08b64fc665987971b
AWS AMI source: 826470379119/provose-docker-amazon-linux-2–v0.1