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The source parameter is used in Terraform modules to describe where to find the module.

When using Provose, you should set source to be "". Always make sure that the ref= parameter is pinned to a specific version to avoid Provose upgrading without your intention.

If you want to make modifications to Provose and use them, you should clone the Provose repository on GitHub with with shell command git clone --recurse-submodules After that, you can set the source parameter to be the local filesystem path where you cloned the repository.

THe source parameter comes from Terraform’s underlying module syntax–not Provose itself. The Terraform documentation has more information about how to specify source in a module configuration.


module "myproject" {
  source = ""
  provose_config = {
    authentication = {
      aws = {
        region = "us-east-1"
    name                 = "myproject"
    internal_root_domain = ""
    internal_subdomain   = "production"


The value for the source parameter is just a string that points at the online repository or filesystem path. This parameter is not a mapping.


There are no outputs for the source parameter.