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Provose v2.0 Release notes

Provose v2.0 is the second major release for Provose. In this release, we launched numerous new modules:

  • https_redirects – A way to program arbitrary HTTPS redirects into the Application Load Balancer that Provose provides.
  • elastic_file_systems – A fast and easy way to provision AWS Elastic File System (EFS), which is Amazon’s managed autoscaling filesystem for everyday workloads.
  • lustre_file_systems – A fast and easy way to provision AWS FSx Lustre file systems, which is Amazon’s managed offering for the high-performance Lustre filesystems, which is commonly used to store files for machine learning and high-performance computing workloads.
  • batch – A module to configure AWS Batch Compute Environments, Job Queues, and Job Definitions.

We also replaced the v1 ec2_instances module with the following two modules:

  • ec2_on_demand_instances – A module to spin up regular ol’ EC2 instances.
  • ec2_spot_instances – A module to spin up EC2 spot instances, which can be up to 80% percent cheaper than On-Demand instances.

More information is available in the changelog.